SRN International School have a counseling centre taken are by well trained councilors. Counseling aims at helping the students understand and accept themselves “as they are”, and counseling helps the student to help himself. The main objective of counseling is to bring about a voluntary change in the students. For this purpose the counselor provides facilities in the form of guidance, to help achieve the desired change or make the suitable choice. The main objective behind this is to give the student information on matters important to success. It will be of help in solving his problems. Timely and effective counseling establish a feeling of mutual understanding between student and teacher. It also helps the students in knowing himself better-his interests, abilities, aptitudes, and opportunities. It is the best approach to encourage and develop special abilities and right attitudes and inspire successful endeavor toward attainment. Last but not the least it assists the student in planning for educational and vocational choices.

Counseling Goals

At SRN we believe that the counseling is to help individuals overcome their immediate problems and also to equip them to meet future problems. Counseling, to be meaningful has to be specific for each client since it involves his unique problems and expectations.