Senior Secondary School

Change is the catchphrase at this stage of life. In order to equip the youth to cope with change in life, it is essential that they be guided soundly and correctly. The Senior Secondary Stage assumes great significance as students for the first time move toward diversification and specialization, while also preparing students for higher education. Broadly speaking, there are three standard majors or specializations in the academic stream: Science, Commerce and Humanities

As such, these are better placed to exercise a choice of course keeping in view their needs, interests, capabilities and aptitude, which would enable them to cope up with the challenges of future.

Career Guidance and Counselling sessions are organized throughout the year for the students of the Senior Secondary School. SRN International School has Tie-up with Oxford High School at America, which provides great opportunity for the students to get direct admission abroad. In today’s world of globalization marked by competitiveness and challenges, it is required more than ever before that the school sets its own standards comparable to international standards. Thus the school has to its credit well-thought-out courses of study, detailed curricular outlines, identification of learning outcomes, a variety of instructional materials, audiovisual, Smart classes, and improved evaluation tools.